Its now becoming more evident that companies providing grooming products to men have come to realise that active men need products that will assist when things get hot and sweaty. Shield recently announced the introduction of their Motion Sense range that activates when, well, you get active – rub technology they say. Now L’Oreal Men Expert has introduced their range of heat activated products – the Thermic Resist range.  

The range of L'Oreal Men Expert Thermic resist and Hydra Energetic

The range of L’Oreal Men Expert Thermic Resist and Hydra Energetic grooming products.

The L’Oreal Men Expert Thermic Resist dual product range is a specially designed 48 hour anti perspirant that provides maximum support when your body temperature rises. Of course the body temperature rises when you get active, or when stressful situations come up, and with that the body begins to perspire, leading to those horrible wet patches and nasty odours.

The L'Oreal Men Expert Thermic Resist body spray and roll on

The L’Oreal Men Expert Thermic Resist body spray and roll on

This is where extra strength products come in handy. The Thermic Resist range goes one step further by testing their products up to a toasty temperature of 45 degrees. This means that if you get your body temperature up to that heat, then two things; 1. For goodness sake, stop whatever you are doing – you are obviously going at it too long, and 2. Don’t stress because the thermic resist products have kicked in and you still smell as fresh as a manly daisy.

The Thermic Resist range includes a body spray (R39,95 for 150ml) and a roll on (R24,95 for 50ml), available at leading retainers across SA.