From Louis Vuitton comes a new wristwatch – the Tambour Horizon, an innovative timepiece for travellers in a connected world, which allows its wearer to explore anew the Maison’s pursuit of personalisation, every day. Boldly innovative in its embrace of technology, the new Tambour Horizon is a pioneering endeavour that nonetheless remains faithful to the spirit of the Maison’s founder, Louis Vuitton. For Louis Vuitton invented a genuine Art of Travel through luggage, bags and accessories that were as creative and pleasing to the eye as they were practical.

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Monogram

Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Monogram

As is only appropriate for this, the ideal watch for the contemporary traveller, the Tambour Horizon delivers the best of expertise, design and technology via exceptional provenance. This is a timepiece that was conceived in Paris, with a case made at Louis Vuitton’s manufacturer in Switzerland, which deploys technology developed in California’s Silicon Valley – and for the very first time can be used right across the globe, including China.


Working closely with Google and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the Tambour Horizon combines all the technical capacity of a ‘smartwatch’ with the elegance and grace of a Tambour – the iconic watch that began Louis Vuitton’s watchmaking story in 2002. At just 42mm, the case is exceptionally compact for a connected watch, thanks to Qualcomm®  Snapdragon™ Wear 2100 platform. A perfect circle it features the distinctive concave bezel of the Swiss manufacture’s Tambour Moon design, and is available in Graphite, Monogram or Black. Wearers can choose between 60 readily detachable straps – 30 created for men, 30 for women – allowing the Tambour Horizon to adapt to any occasion.


This is only the beginning of the story though. Harnessed by Louis Vuitton, Android Wear™ 2.0 enables the creative journey to continue on the wrist – affording clients the opportunity to achieve a degree of personalisation unique in the luxury watch world. The wearer can customise a multitude of watch-faces, which, while true to the signature elements of the Maison, are entirely personal to them. Louis Vuitton has always had strong ties with the world of travel and the Tambour Horizon smartwatch is no exception, having been fitted with exclusive dedicated functions.


“My Flight”, the first of these features and one that is found on no other smartwatch, keeps departing travellers informed of their flight times, terminal and gate information, reports of delays, the number of hours remaining before landing, etc. With this specific function, Louis Vuitton aims to provide travellers with all the necessary information, at the right time, to make their journey smoother and more enjoyable.

The second exclusive function, “City Guide”, extends to the smartwatch the services of the guides edited by Louis Vuitton and their apps for tablets and smartphones.The very best addresses and unmissable sights of seven of the most visited cities in the world are already revealed on the Tambour Horizon’s touch screen. Tambour Horizon has an intelligent geolocation function that indicates nearby restaurants, hotels, historical landmarks and tourist attractions in real time.


Tambour Horizon constantly beats to the rhythm of travel thanks to its “GMT” watch function provided by the 24-hour display on the rim of the dial. With a simple manoeuvre, one can display the name of a major world city and make the corresponding time appear in the time zone of their choice, in a reference to the Escale watch with its 24 time zones. They can explore countless permutations of strap and dial. And while customization has always been key at Louis Vuitton, today all this can be achieved not solely in the Maison’s workshops, but with a flick of the Tambour Horizon’s state-of-the-art sapphire screen.

With style and refinement, the Tambour Horizon cultivates all the practical potential one would expect from a smartwatch: a choice of dials adopting the visual codes of emblematic Louis Vuitton models (GMT, chronograph, Escale, etc.); notification of phone calls, text messages and emails; alarm; countdown timer; weather report; step counter, etc. Thanks to these functions the Tambour Horizon is a veritable control tower providing its user with all the information they need in their daily lives without constantly having to check their smartphone. Contemporary and connected – and at the same time both playful and luxe, with a unique capacity for personalisation – the Tambour Horizon becomes a powerful tool for the men and women who wear it.