South African Fashion Week happened recently at Hyde Park Corner – and boy were there some great designs coming out for the guys. Here are a few of the collections that were shown.



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Touch Of Bling


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Non-European II


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Heart & Heritage (something for the girls)

Johannesburg-based Heart & Heritage was crowned the Lufthansa 1st Best Collections winner for young designers at this year’s SA Fashion Week.

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The handcrafted designs by Lesley Whitter focus on wearability, unique details, comfort, and flattering fits. As one of the most keenly anticipated events at the SA Fashion Week, the 1st Best Collections Award is now in its fourth year of sponsorship by Lufthansa. The initiative provides the country’s young emerging designers with the opportunity to showcase their collections and introduce the world to their talents. They are considered to represent the future of the local fashion industry and are selected by the SA Fashion Week board to provide greater exposure to their brands.

“Lufthansa would like to congratulate all the finalists who took part in the Lufthansa 1st Best Collections. To have been selected is a feat in itself. I was a part of the judging panel and let me tell you it was tough,” says Dr. Andre Schulz, General Manager, Southern Africa, at Lufthansa. “The Heart & Heritage brand stood out from the outset. There was something about Lesley – not only did she present a confident business case and good aesthetic appeal but, she also displayed the characteristics of excellence and dedication, in line with what the Lufthansa brand stands for.”

Lucilla Booyzen, Director of SA Fashion Week, added her congratulations for Heart & Home. “Once a designer has come through to this level of the Lufthansa 1st Best competition we at SAFW believe that they are ready to play an active role in the creative fashion design industry and in the retail arena, building wealth and creating jobs in South Africa. Lufthansa is playing a vital role in identifying and awarding the next generation of designers that will lead the SA Fashion Industry. To us, it is very important that the industry should be led by designers.”

Whitter’s designs are remarkable for creating beauty from the traditional process of crafting a garment from a concept. Each garment is drafted on paper, thoughtfully sampled and finally brought to life by local hands. Whitter currently has a store in the Bamboo Centre in Melville, called Convoy, and also supplies The Space Rosebank and The Space Mall of Africa.

“Winning is an absolute dream come true,” says Whitter. “I am so happy and excited. To be associated with Lufthansa is amazing, as it is such an incredible brand, and I am thankful for them enabling me to have this opportunity with my brand, and to go to Berlin. I know that it is going to help me meet new customers, gain exposure, and grow my business.”

“We have selected a winner who we feel is a perfect fit; someone who is not only an inspiring person but also a great designer – a 1st choice (for the winner of the 1st Best Collections),” concludes Jola Slomkowski Marketing Manager, Lufthansa, South Africa.