It is no secret that I love coffee. I have no idea what I would do without it, especially in the mornings, and particularly now that Johannesburg has descended into what can only be described as weather that is more accustomed to “beyond the wall”. My go-to coffee machine has become my Nespresso, and the pods that I usually default to are the Dharkan and the Arpeggio flavours. A few weeks ago, Nespresso surprised me with a new flavour, delivered early in the morning, just in time for my second cup of the day. The new flavour is said to be a permanent addition to the Lungo range – says hello to Envivo Lungo.   


But in addition to the Envivo Lungo, I also came to discover the wonderful range of Nespresso chocolates. Admittedly, the sleeve of Envivo Lungo that Nespresso sent me lasted all but 3 days, so off to Hyde Park Corner I went to purchase some more, and while I was there, the chocolate pack on the counter caught my attention. The joy of chocolate and coffee is possibly one that may rival that of cheese and wine – the combination of the two are perfectly complementary, so I was rather excited that these chocolates carried the Nespresso logo, hence they have apparently been selected by Nespresso to perfectly complement their coffees.


But a little more about the Envivo Lungo. For those of you who are unsure, Lungo means Long, and refers to coffees that are best suited to be served with milk – so a larger cup or mug work best for serving these. Within the Lungo range, Nespresso lists the Fortissio, Vivalto, and Linizio, now with the addition of the Envivo. Within the Lungo range, the Envivo is the strongest expression, registering a 9 in the intensity scale, while Fortissimo registers an 8, and both Vivalto and Linizio register as 4.


The Envivo Lungo is a dark, split-roasted blend of distinctive Arabica from India with a Robusta from Mexico – the tasting notes include caramelised notes reminiscent of aromatic dry wood and gingerbread, followed by an intense and rather nice lingering aftertaste. Of course, as a lungo, the Envivo Lungo is meant to be served as a long drink together with milk, but the Envivo Lungo does not lose any of its flavour, maintaining its distinctive flavour for a bold and deliciously rich start to the day.


While I have not seen the chocolate box available in store before, I do not think that this is a permanent addition to the stock range, and will probably be phased out at some point – probably when the stock allocation for SA ends. The chocolates are provided as a free gift to customers that purchase 10 (or perhaps a little more) sleeves.

Enviro Lungo, as with the rest, come in a sleeve of 10 pods, and retails for R85,00 from the Nespresso stores, or you can order them directly online at the Nespresso Online Store.