Gentleman. It is a term that, in modern times, holds a degree of confusion and in many cases rejection from a society that seems to be focused on gaining as much fame, wealth and notoriety as possible. This idea of gentlemanly behaviour evokes such images as well-to-do men of the late 1800’s in Victorian England, that presented themselves with a high degree of dignity and manners, ensuring their reputation within the upper class was never called into question, but my view is still that many of the practices and principles of being a gentleman hold true even today, and that these principles keep us from slipping into chaos.

So, as we head towards Father’s Day, what are the lessons that a father can teach their sons and daughters to ensure that the positive attributes of gentlemanly behaviour never die out? Also, here’s a chance to win a bottle of Chivas Regal 18 – the drink of the modern gentleman.


1. You are no better, and no worse than your fellow man.

2. Be a man of substance. Wealth and fame should never define you.

3. In doing good, you are promoting a better place to live for everyone.

4. Respect should be afforded to everyone, but expected from no one.

5. The legacy you leave will not be the fortune you amass, but rather the actions of your children and those you influenced during your life.

6. Immediate forceful action is a characteristic of a weak man. Forceful action should be advanced after much deliberation, trepidation, and should be followed with much remorse.

7. Be the first to criticize yourself, and the last to criticize others.

8. Your view is one view, and is no more right or wrong than any other.

9. Be a man of conviction. Your word is your personal bond, and honouring it is a sign of your true character.

10. Know that you are a product of your family heritage. The man you are today was influenced by your forefathers, and those who come after you will also be partly defined by this.

11. Always try to present yourself in the best possible way, not for external validation, but because you respect and love yourself enough to recognise and appreciate your own value.



So, with Father’s Day coming up, we are giving you the opportunity to win a bottle of Chivas Regal 18  valued at ZAR899,95. Simply post below the best lesson on being a gentleman (for the men) or searching for the perfect gentleman (for the women…and some men) that your Father or Mother, or both taught you.