This year marks 60 years since Queen Elizabeth took the throne of the United Kingdom, becoming on of the longest reigning monarchs of all time – and to celebrate this, most English company’s have gone befok on trying to outdo each other on what they create to mark the date. Hands down John Walker & Sons wins with the creation of the John Walker & Sons Diamond Jubilee.

The John Walker & Son’s Diamond Jubilee

So what makes this so special. Well, every element of what makes up the entire package is hand crafted. Yes, no automated processes were involved here. Also, the marrying casks used to blend the 60 different whisky’s that went into making this one were made from trees that grew in the queen’s forest. The crystal is also English and was hand crafted.

The top view of the decanter – talk about it being a bit bling.

So, how can you get one of these. Well, to start off, you have to have around R1-million to blow on this, but this does not guarantee you anything. Actually, none of these are open to sale to the general public – only 60 of these are up for sale – to those that have been invited to purchase it. So unless you are extremely rich and very well connected – this is as close as you’re gonna get to it.

Completely hand crafted – fit for royalty.