Call it Covid-19 or Corona Virus, one thing is for sure, everyone is looking for hand sanitisers, and stores are selling out the moment they arrive. Thankfully Cape Town based The Scentuary has released a special edition sanitiser to its Scent range, and boy is it good.


Made from plant-based materials, but still containing the necessary 65% alcohol, the SCENT hand sanitiser is supplemented with Vitamin E as an anti-oxidant, and infused with a blend of essential oils of floral and citrus notes.¬†Overall, it’s a sanitiser that is powerful enough to kill the germs, but far kinder to your skin.

The sanitisers come is a few sizes for your convenience: A 100ML bottle (ZAR70) that’s perfect for the car, a 200 ML bottle (ZAR95) that you can have on your bathroom counter or in the kitchen, and a 500 ML bottle (ZAR 165.00) for the family or office.

Okay, so where can you buy it? The full SCENT range is available at the Evert J Erasmus Collections boutique, 1 Church Street, CBD, Cape Town. It isn’t listed on the website due to its limited run, however simply email to order it if you can’t make it into CT.

SCENT by The Scentuary is pure skin, hair and sense therapy, created by Dr SL Taiby blending the knowledge of proven botanical alchemy and modern biochemistry. The products were designed for those who are eco-friendly and nature conscious.