There is a reason why my ever-growing collection of Tom Ford fragrances occupy the top self in my cologne presentation chest – they are magnificent. Each fragrance has been carefully crafted to be a self-standing symphony of considered and balanced notes, each unique, and representing a specific personality. My collection of Tom Ford fragrances includes the original Tom Ford For Men EDT range – the Tom Ford For Men, the Tom Ford for Men Extreme, and the Tom Ford for Men Grey Vetiver EDP. Then, the collection graduates into the extended Tom Ford Private Collection EDP’s, however a discussion on this collection should be reserved for a later time (although I have posted on a few of these before), and finally, my collection is rounded off by the Tom Ford Noir series.

Tom Ford's Noir and the new Noir Extreme

Tom Ford’s Noir and the new Noir Extreme

Tom Ford launched Tom Ford Noir Eau de Parfum in 2012, followed by Tom Ford Noir Eau de Toilette in November 2013. Both of these were/are extremely popular the world over and lead to leading sales figures, naturally spurring Tom on to extend the series. In may respects, the recent move of fragrances houses to develop EDP ranges for men can be attributed to Tom Ford’s series – had there not been a massive adoption of his EDP men’s range, then very few other fragrances houses would have braved the men’s EDP market.

Often referred to as the masculine version to his wildly popular Violet Blonde, the Tom Ford Noir is full-bodied and rich, but with a definite note that will stand the test of time. As a spicy / oriental fragrance, the Tom Ford Noir is subtle and sophisticated – with a distinct primary two note positioning – and by this I mean that the fragrance notes have a balanced duality – on initial experience of the fragrance, would may well think it is a good, simple fragrance with a broad appeal (bergamot and verbena), however on further experience, you discover that the fragrance has a far greater body to its composition, and opens up to reveal a greater composition of complex notes (black pepper, vetiver, vanilla, amber, rose and geranium). In the video below, Tom explains how the Noir represents the dual facets of the Tom Ford man—the refined, urbane sophisticate who the world gets to see, and the intriguingly sensuous, private man they don’t.

Top notes: Italian bergamot, verbena, caraway, baie rose (pink pepper), violet flower.

Heart notes: Black pepper, nutmeg, Tuscan iris resin, Egyptian geranium, Bulgarian rose, clary sage.

Base notes: Opoponax, amber, Indonesian patchouli, vetiver, civet, vanilla.

The Tom Ford Noir for Men EDP 100ml retails for ZAR1575.00 from most of the RedSquare stores in Johannesburg and Cape Town of from the online store – RedSquare

In May 2015, he prepared a new version of the fragrance called Tom Ford Noir Extreme.

The Tom Ford Noir Extreme - utter luxury!

The Tom Ford Noir Extreme – utter luxury!

Then, of course, if something is doing very well – bring out a new iteration, but make it stronger and better than before. So, last month, the Tom Ford Noir Extreme was launched, and has recently made it to the stores of South Africa. And if you have not got one yet – go quickly, as it is selling out fast!

So if the Tom Ford Noir was for the duality of the modern man, then the Noir Extreme takes it a little further, and presents itself for the same type of man, but who goes a little further – he dismisses moderation and and “dares to be extraordinary” – in short, he is naturally extreme.

As for the experience, the Noir Extreme is undeniably a fragrance of its own, and a not an extension of the first iteration, however you can still tell that they are part of the same series, not so much in the fragrance notes, but more in the richness, layered composition, and note complexity. While the Noir Extreme shares the Noir’s amber/woody/oriental categorisation, it differs significantly in how the fragrance layers open to the nose.

Where the Noir opens with a spicy/woody note and then descends into black pepper, vetiver and vanilla, the Noir Extreme descends from the spicy/woody note into neroli, saffron, nutmeg, jasmine, orange blossom, and finally to the amber, sandalwood and vanilla notes. The Noir Extreme is far more complex in its note composition – and the balance is masterfully crafted.

The Tom Ford Noir Extreme for Men EDP 100ml retails for ZAR1650.00 from RedSquare