Since its launch a few years back, the Dolce&Gabbana Velvet Collection is firmly one of my absolute favourites. Their beautifully crafted, complex fragrances are captivating, regardless of what note your are after. Now, the Dolce&Gabbana Velvet Collection introduces Velvet Cypress, an elegant Fresh Woody Citrus fragrance, inspired by the Italian Cypress, one of the most iconic features of the Mediterranean landscapes. The Velvet Collection is an exquisite line-up of artisanal fragrances and an effortless reinvention of the concept of traditional luxury. As an homage to the Designers’ sartorial heritage, the Velvet Collection explores the deepest sense of male and female Italian human nature. 

The Velvet Cypress is designed around a heavy dose of the mediterranean Cypress, a complex, highly-contrasted essence that masterfully blends fresh aromatic notes with the penetrating green scent of cedar; then further layers are added with rich natural extracts of Bergamot and Lemon. The fragrance is then made even deeper and more complex through a herbaceous green, cut-stem effect combined to whiffs of sap, bark and earth with a resinous Galbanum.

Experiencing this fragrance is like wondering through the Italian countryside, taking in all the sights, sounds and scents of an ancient culture with a passion for life running through its veins. As the fragrance unfolds, the precious Cypress expresses its aromatic facets, highlighted by two masculine notes; Clary Sage (hints at the hay and dry grass of a late-summer countryside) and Virginian Cedar, a pure woody note, straight and slender as the tree, seals the scent of a unique Italian memory.

DG Velvet Collection Velvet Cypress       50mL                     R 3 505.00
DG Velvet Collection Velvet Cypress       150mL                   R 5 080.00